AlgaYield’s human capital is made of young, dynamic, entrepreneur and highly-prepared team willing to contribute in the resolution of this century’s challenges.
Belén Domínguez

With a multidisciplinary curriculum, I studied Environmental Science and then obtained a MSc degree in Marine Ecology, after which I worked for 2 years in the research group of Ecophysiology and Biotechnology of aquatic organisms in the University of Málaga, assessing response of macroalgae to climate change. Later, I professionally experienced in corporation laboratories, social entrepreneurship start-ups, NGO’s and technologically-based companies that used videogames as a force for good to transform society.

My professional aspirations are aligned with the personal ones: serving the community, minimizing the ecological footprint and investigating on present resources that are poorly enhanced.

Javier Domínguez
Finantial and Commercial Head
Expert in Economy, my academic backgroun started with a BSc degree in Business Management and further specialization as Finantial Advisor by IEF, gaining the economic and finantial know-how as to obtain the EFPA European certification. My professional career has been linked to finance and banking for over 17 years, focusing my skills on SME support. After a personal and professional restart, I have reoriented my career towards new horizons such as AlgaYield, as I believe it proposes real and sustainable solutions for the improvement of our society.
Passionate about nature, mountains and rural living, biking is one of the hobbies I enjoy the most.