AlgaYield’s human capital is made of young, dynamic, entrepreneur and highly-prepared team willing to contribute in the resolution of this century’s challenges.
Belén Domínguez

With a multidisciplinary curriculum, I studied Environmental Science and then obtained a MSc degree in Marine Ecology, after which I worked for 2 years in the research group of Ecophysiology and Biotechnology of aquatic organisms in the University of Málaga, assessing response of macroalgae to climate change. Later, I professionally experienced in corporation laboratories, social entrepreneurship start-ups, NGO’s and technologically-based companies that used videogames as a force for good to transform society.

My professional aspirations are aligned with the personal ones: serving the community, minimizing the ecological footprint and investigating on present resources that are poorly enhanced.

Joaquín Cámara

Graduated in Environmental Science and MSc in Environmental Engineering, my technical profile is well within science and technology spheres. I have been working in research and lab work in different organizations such as Malaga University and IHSM “La Mayora”. My academic records and passion for the environment have been driving my professional career towards consultancy and environmental engineering. I am passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. Looking for and finding sustainable solutions for technical challenges on a daily basis is what I aim to.

Esperanza Gómez

After more than 14 years working as high level sales agent and team officer in projects related to technological innovation, I felt the need to reinvent myself and trained as an environmental educator starting off a new professional pathway. 

That lead me to Algayield, allowing me to align my conservationist principles along with my sales abilities, rendering all of it increased well-being of communities and the environment.